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The Final Pie-Down: Part III

Part III of The Final Pie-Down is up! Wherein we see a side of Berry we’ve never seen before because he’s usually such a selfish turd.

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The Final Pie-Down: Part II is up!

Mavis puts her foot down about cheating, but Berry might not be on the same page…

Part II of The Final Pie-Down is up! Go see it (HERE), and then come back next week and see that one, too! :D

The Final Pie-Down: Part 1

As Mavis prepares to take on her magical rival, Gertrude Snagglebirch (introduced here last year), in a pie baking contest at the county fair, Berry can’t help but see some flaws in his landlady’s logic. Check out today’s comic RIGHT HERE! :D

New Comic Up! (Kinda Late, But Oh Well!)

This week, Berry’s food quality standards are called into question, and we find out what happens to cheese when it goes ALL THE WAY bad. Check it out here:, and don’t forget to share! :D

New Juniper Up Now!

Douglas got a new computer! Or did he…? New comic’s up now.

Check it out right herrrrre.

If you checked earlier and it wasn’t up, that’s just because Comicpress hates me! :D Mondaaaay! Alriiiiight!

The Mug of Everlasting Nostalgia! Part 5!

Douglas and Berry say their final goodbyes to Douglas’ dead computer. But is the story really over…? Come read the last installment of The Mug of Everlasting Nostalgia!

And if you missed bits of this story, don’t you worry. I know the way back to…THE BEGINNING.

The Mug of Everlasting Nostalgia Part III - Up Now!

The Sprites know what Douglas is up to, but don’t worry…Douglas has a plan. Part III of The Mug of Everlasting Nostalgia is up now! 

The Mug of Everlasting Nostalgia: Part II is up now!

Douglas plots in secret to renew his game subscription, but of course…he’s never really alone. Come watch Douglas’ plans get foiled in the latest installment of The Mug of Everlasting Nostalgia!

The Mug of Everlasting Nostalgia - Part I!

Today is the start of a new story! Come read the fist part of The Mug of Everlasting Nostalgia, featuring Douglas and his not-as-gone-as-he-thought vidja game addiction!

New Coming + New Share Buttons!

Douglas’ girl woes continue, and Mavis has some sage old lady advice for him. New strip up now! And working share buttons, so share away!