It's finally here! Visit to read our first ever webcomic, Juniper. Keep coming here to see random comics and drawings!

GWS Guest Strip!

So, a really cool thing is happening! Danielle Corsetto, most esteemed creator of Girls With Slingshots, announced last week that she was in need of guest strips. Open to the public! Frothing slightly at the mouth, I told Sarah about it, and we jumped right into the project. I think it’s going well.

The weird part about all of this is that this strip, basically a fanfiction of someone else’s work, will be the first comic anyone ever sees from us. We have 3 of our own strips made and ready to go, but we don’t want to show them to you until we have a couple months worth drawn up (don’t worry, that only amounts to 8 strips) and we’re able to get one really solid comic done per week. We’re close. But not close enough to show you Juniper before the GWS strip comes out.

This is a crazy amazing opportunity for us as webcomic first-timers to show the internet what we’ve got, and hopefully what we submit will entice you guys to hang on until we get Juniper up and running. We really do apologize for the wait, but we think it’ll be worth it.

Make sure to check back in June. We’ll definitely make sure to post the Juniper site URL all over Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook.