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The Mug of Everlasting Nostalgia: Part II is up now!

Douglas plots in secret to renew his game subscription, but of course…he’s never really alone. Come watch Douglas’ plans get foiled in the latest installment of The Mug of Everlasting Nostalgia!

The Mug of Everlasting Nostalgia - Part I!

Today is the start of a new story! Come read the fist part of The Mug of Everlasting Nostalgia, featuring Douglas and his not-as-gone-as-he-thought vidja game addiction!

New Coming + New Share Buttons!

Douglas’ girl woes continue, and Mavis has some sage old lady advice for him. New strip up now! And working share buttons, so share away!

New Comic is Up!

Today Douglas gets judgmental about constant phone use. New comic is up! And Carl is in this one, just for funsies!

Also, our social media sharing plug-in is acting a little weird today…but don’t stop sharing and liking on Facebook and Twitter! I’ll fix the plug-in when I get home from work today. >_>

Berry Almost Learns a Lesson Part VI!

The last part of Berry Almost Learns a Lesson is up! And he very nearly learns a lesson! Come see!

Berry Almost Learns a Lesson: Part V is up now!

Old Dude is full of wisdom, but Berry doesn’t care because the door’s back! New comic is up now!

Part Four is Up!

Part Four of the new story is up! Come watch Berry get his hooves dirty! Well…hoof. One hoof. Just one.

New Comics! This Week and Last Week

Last week I was on vacation and then terribly ill, so I’m sorry I didn’t remind you about the new comic! So this week, I remind you about both!

How will Berry get out of this mess? Come back next week to get the next tidbit!

Thanks for reading! You’re awesome!

New Juniper Comic!

Juniper gives Berry his very own magic door, but what’s inside couldn’t be further from what he expects. Today kicks off a new story: Berry Almost Learns a Lesson! Come check out the first installment!

New Juniper Comic(s?)!!

Berry might be able to get away with being a crap listener everywhere else, but not with Douglas! New Juniper, up now! Also, I don’t think I posted last week? WHAT? So you better check out last week’s too! A two-fer! Check em!