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Dawn of the Girls: Part III

Douglas and Berry have all but made it through the night without incident, but Douglas is starting to crack! Come check out the third installment of Dawn of the Girls!

New Juniper! Dawn of the Girls Part II!

The boys have boarded up the house and are safe from the lady dragons for now. They just forgot one detail…food! Come see Berry’s solution in this week’s Juniper! Part 2 of Dawn of the Girls.

New Comic! Dawn of the Girls: Part 1

In today’s comic, Douglas isn’t ready for the call of mating season, but the lady dragons laying siege to Juniper sure are! This is the first in a 4 part story, so be sure to check back next week as well to see how Douglas is weathering the onslaught!

New Comic!

The last in a pair of Comic Con strips! Douglas is heckled by a superfan about his costume, and Douglas channels his inner Hellboy to deal with him! Come find out what happens when you abide by WWHBD — What Would Hellboy Do? www, 

Comic Con is Coming!

Today’s comic is the first in a two part Comic Con series! Berry plots to meet his limelight needs with an eye-catching cosplay. Find out what he and Douglas come up with in today’s new strip!

New Comic! Up Now!

The Sprites won’t come when they’re called, leaving Douglas’ room in darkness! Find out what they’re up to while they’re away in today’s Juniper:

New Monday, New Comic!

Douglas vents his frustrations about the recent rash of nearly identical Liam Neeson films, but at what cost?? Brand new Juniper up now! And a brand new podcast episode! Check them both out!

New Juniper! Right Now! Come See!

Douglas has been sneaking out at night, but whatever for? Find out what he’s been up to in this week’s Juniper!

New Juniper Comic Up Now!

Berry understands the laws of being pretty and uses them to his advantage in today’s Juniper. Come see what social indiscretion he escapes from this time!

A New Comic! And a New Podcast Episode!

The comic is up! This week we discover Douglas has a problem with dice. Also, there’s a new podcast episode up for your enjoyment! Check em both out! The comic:   The podcast: