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He Who Tops It, Drops It

A time honored garbage rule goes awry in this week’s Juniper! Come see!

Hey! You! It’s Monday!

And Monday means a new Juniper! Come watch how the boys handle receiving some truly unique winter wear!

The Gym Membership: Part 3 is up now!

If you take nothing else away from Juniper, let it be this: Never take advice from a unicorn. Part 3 (and the end) of the gym story today!

New Juniper! Today! Right Now!

Douglas has an unfortunate reaction at the gym! Come see!

A Super Buff New Juniper!

Berry’s plans to get Douglas in shape go slightly awry in today’s Juniper. Check it out! 

Would you love us more if we were on Facebook?

Well now we are! Friend us! Like us! Book face with us!

Wordpress Ate My Post!

Hey, dudes. If you already went to and today’s comic wasn’t up, it’s because Wordpress ate it! But I fixed it, so go on over and see it! :)

New Juniper!

We’re playing with our food in this week’s Juniper! Come! Join us!

New Juniper Comic!

If you hate Valentine’s Day, then Valenbro’s Day is the holiday for you. Check out this week’s very warm-toned Valenbro’s Day comic!